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Imagine if you will, a workplace that not only thrives, but inspires.  Think about your business, how would that look?

Any modern career in today’s world can be deemed as difficult, ground rules are in a constant state of flux, your employees and business need to change constantly to keep up with competitors, new business objectives, reformation of its identity, mission statement and structure; new ways of managing your teams, even small questions about do you have an open office, individual offices, hot desking, do we need a stress management strategy, and now wellbeing, the new(ish) catch word it can all become wearying.  Is it any wonder that confusion, anxiety and apathy run through organisations, it is pretty exhausting keeping up with it all in today’s world.  It is increasingly difficult deciding what is and isn’t important to your business.

Your business is populated by people in various teams, managers, direct reports, associates, suppliers, and customers.  In addition they may need to respond to continual political change, trade unions, shareholders, and the immediate relationship with the rise and fall of stock markets; the list goes on.  Interwoven in all of this is the competitive aspect of your business, the reason your business exists.  But, for each and every one of the people that work in your organisation, there is a world beyond work, the private life.  This area is often neglected in management books and change manuals, but increasingly this area is desperately needing to be acknowledged.  Of course, this is non business, it is the social, personal and relationship world that we can all be a little nervous about being involved in; but we must accept that within work, there is life beyond work.

So, back to the heading “should wellbeing be at the heart of business strategy?”  In order to answer this lets have a look at what wellbeing is about.

  • Wellbeing re-engages reality.
  • It questions behaviour.
  • It looks at the whole person.
  • It enables detailed action planning, and follow-through back into the work environment.

Wellbeing is business critical, the mental and physical health of your employees is entwined into the health of your business.  If your employees are stressed, your business is stressed.

By incorporating the ethos of wellbeing into your organisation it becomes possible to relate individual and team behaviour to purposeful business and organisational transformation. When the whole organisation is engaged, wellbeing becomes strategic. Moreover, within a modern forward thinking organisation, wellbeing and coaching and the development of strategic thinking may become one and the same thing.  How great would that look?

So, yes the wellbeing of your business is your business and it is critical to the success of your business.   Incorporate it and it’s a win, win.

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