I thoroughly recommend Allison Collier as a personal trainer. Her approach is really supportive and confidence-boosting. She knows when to push you, and when to make sure you listen to your body and not push too far. Allison has developed a personalised fitness and training programme specially designed to meet my goal of running a sub 3.15 marathon (having never run one before!). The programme has been tough, but amazingly effective. I am now running further and faster than I ever have before, with shorter recovery periods between exercise sessions, and feeling stronger by the week. The sessions during the week are really varied, so they don’t get boring and Allison is always happy to answer questions, and give useful tips on training, technique, diet etc. The programme was based on building strength first, which has really helped lay the foundations build confidence for the speed and endurance work that came later, and also reduced the potential for injury. I’m now running at speeds which hopefully put me on track for my goal once I build up my distances. Still a lot of hard work ahead, though!

Will reached his goal and ran the London Marathon in 2015 as good for age.

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