Have you had a bad day? What have you decided to do to make you feel better?

• Slouch on the sofa?
• Go to the pub?
• Grumble and chunter all night to yourself about the unfairness of it all?

You do know that there are other choices right?  Starting today experiment with the exercise effect for 30 minutes every day.


Moderate exercise has been proven by clever people to improve mood. It releases endorphins, but you know that. So you feel better, and your body’s perception of pain is reduced (heard of runners high)!! Win Win.
Moderate exercise has been proven by clever people to reduce your chances of metabolic disease. It has been shown that even if you have eaten a burger and do exercise on the same day, less harmful fat floats around your blood. (Not an excuse to have a bad diet though)

I am too busy:

Ok tick all that apply

I have made time to watch TV
I have made time to go to the pub
I have made time to sit in the garden with a large glass of wine
I have made time to stay in bed for an extra hour
I have made time to go to a restaurant

Are you getting the message, you will make time to do what you want to do, what part of being unhappy and unfit are you enjoying?

You don’t have to go to the gym, there are loads of things you can do

Be More Active

• Walk – on your own, with friends, family, a dog, or a friend’s dog, just put some comfy shoes on and get outside
• Start a work lunchtime walk, go for 20 minutes, you’ll still have time to eat
• Learn a new sport, rugby, squash, hockey or join a beginners running club you choose, it is also a good way of interacting with others.
• Take up yoga
• Try dancing, jive, tap, ballroom or for those of you who are a little more exotic, belly dancing.
• Try pole sports, it’s for men and women!
• Stop taking the escalator or lift walk up the stairs
• Leave the car at home, whenever you can, if you have to take it, park further away than normal.

In order to be fit and happy as human beings it starts with movement, if we don’t move we are unhappy, it’s how we are designed to be. Get outside and start enjoying life.

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