I had thought of having a PT for some time but have been put off by perceived ego’s in the industry. I am motivated when I am motivated but there are so many things that can make me deviate from a plan.

I chose Allison because I could see she is passionate about what she does and I felt I could be honest and asked her how she would make me fulfil my own goals.

Allison never makes me feel that I am not achieving, with plenty of gentle but firm encouragement. Having a clear and concise plan to follow helps along with the ‘have you been for a run yet’.

I look forward to my sessions – never thought I would say that! They are hard and in a short time I have absolutely noticed a difference and I would not have achieved that on my own as I simply would have found an excuse not to!

Allison knows her stuff and I have absolute trust in her advice and guidance.

100% recommended 😀


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