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Is it OK to lie to your coach? | Tip Top Wellbeing

OK, just maybe the photo is a little extreme, but it serves a purpose. Post assessment, when I and most good trainers are writing detailed plans for you to follow, in order remember, for you to reach the goals you want, we write them with the understanding that

  • you will follow them
  • you will talk to us about difficulties/concerns/what you like/don’t like
  • you will keep us updated
  • you will tell us the truth

and, in return for that we keep you challenged and heading towards your goals. That’s how it works! Everyone is happy, it starts to breakdown a bit when you tell me you can run 13 miles when you have never run more that 5km. Or that you can deadlift 130 kilos, when you have never even tried it, what every it is it needs to be honest. If you are not honest with your coach or PT then you will not reach your goals, I can promise you that.

Tell your coach or PT trainer exactly what you do each week, exactly what you struggled with/found easy. You’ll get to your goal quicker.

In return for you doing that, I have written 5 rules that I live by when training you.

  1. I accept what you tell me as the absolute truth… why would you pay me so much to lie to me? I trust you.
  2. I prefer it if we like each other on some level, even if it’s just mutual respect. It works better that way, there is no problem with you wanting another trainer, or for me to terminate a contract. Sometimes it just doesn’t work and I won’t take your money if I don’t think it will.
  3. I will do my best to protect you from your environment. This means that whatever you do in life, I will do my best to support you in getting stronger and better at it.
  4. I will always be honest with you. Sometimes going back to basics, may be hard to hear, but think about this, even top athletes have to go back in order to get better, and why train one area at the expense of another.
  5. I will train you according to rule No. 1, until I notice otherwise…… I will then inwardly roll my eyes, shake my head… and then we will have to start again!

That’s how it works 🙂

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