What do you envision when you hear or see the word wellness? What does wellness mean to you? Take a moment to think about it.

What did you come up with?

How do you feel about the thought processes you experienced in relation to that question?

Read on and I will share with you what wellness means to me.

My belief surrounding the concept of wellness is more than just physical. It is a whole package of interconnected elements, connections, attitudes and personal philosophies. It is holistic and all-encompassing. It is of course, undeniably about your health, physical fitness and condition. These things are all central to good overall health. But more than that, it is about your mental strength, your cognitive ability and the decisions you make daily and why you make them. Taking the time to ensure your overall wellness facilitates personal growth.

Wellness starts with positive connections – social, physical and emotional.

It is also about choice. Your choices can have the ability to empower you, or they can cause destruction to yourself and your wellness. Your rituals define you.

How you choose to behave is how you will be, and given enough time and repetition, it is what you will eventually become. How you behave affects how others perceive you and respond to you, both personally and professionally. This can work positively or negatively.

Take a moment to consider the following:

Every day, what do you do to increase your wellness?

What decisions do you make that impede or decrease your wellness?

Are you happy with your choices and how they make you who you are?

My wellbeing program works with individuals and organisations and includes:

  • Fitness assessments
  • Nutrition on Stress and Wellbeing
  • Behaviour amd lifestyle coaching
  • Stress management in the workplace
  • Stress management for the individual
  • Nutriton assessments
  • Fitness assessments

Contact me now to discuss your requirements.

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